Establish a rapport with your student: A student should feel comfortable and safe with you. Only then he/she would come out of the shell to discuss the problems and doubts with you.


Communicate well: You should be loud and clear while conducting teaching sessions. Make sure the students can grasp what you are speaking.

    1. Make the learning fun: If the topic doesn’t interest the student, he/she cannot keep concentrating for a longer time. The tutor should find out a way to make it enjoyable. Only then, the students would retain the knowledge. Educational aids like animations or visual examples prove to be powerful tools for effective learning.
    2. Motivate the students to read more: Your teaching should inspire the curiosity of the student. When a student is curious enough, he/she will always make sincere and personal efforts to know more. A teacher may suggest reference books for the student for deeper understanding. Reading more also helps in building a strong vocabulary.
    3. Conduct revision sessions regularly: Revising the previous topics helps in the detainment of the knowledge for a longer period. It also results in reduced stress level in students during exams.
    4. Suggest areas for improvement: As a being tutor, you should make the students aware of their mistakes. You should also guide them in correcting those mistakes. As a mentor, you should always motivate them to perform better. Whenever require, you must repeat the concepts and motivate them to practice the subjects more. In addition, instruct students about the method of answering questions in exams that help them to score well.
    5. Make the learning session interactive: As a being tutor, you should allow the student to interact more with you. You should encourage them to ask questions and give responses throughout the learning session. Ask insightful questions that help them to think deeper.
    6. Establish a routine for all subjects: All subjects are important. Make sure that you do not keep lingering on a specific subject. Every subject has a role to play in the student’s performance.
    7. Punctual and regular: you must be punctual and regular as per decided time and days with the parents or students.
    8. Experiment with different learning techniques: To help your students learn effectively, keep experimenting with different methods. Do not encourage rote learning. Ensure that the students are clear in the concepts. Without proper understanding, they cannot improve on the subject.

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